Arvid Nordquist Classic coffee

In 1884 Arvid Nordquist founded his first delicatessen and wine store in the central parts of Stockholm. The passion for coffee was one of the key ingredients in the enterprise. This passion was passed down to his son Bengt Nordquist who in 1941 succeeded his father.

To ensure the highest quality coffee Bengt decided to build the Arvid Nordquist coffee roasting plant in Solna just north of Stockholm. Hence in 1961 Classic coffee was born.

Today Arvid Nordquist is still a family owned company that have now expanded into Norway, Finland and the Baltic region. In addition to roasting Classic coffee we also import food and drink from around the world and market it to the retail trade, work places, hotels and restaurants. Even though the company has grown considerably since we set out in 1884 the focus and care we put into the brand Classic remains the same.

The Classic Quality guarantee ensures that Classic coffee always consists of 100% Arabica beans of the same origin and high quality regardless of supply or price and regardless of where you buy it. You will always find the quality and country of origin right on the pack.

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